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Take His Word for it

January 27, 2010

Blake Watson

When I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2007 I did so with a very small library. I still remember talking with a classmate about the fact that I did not even have a good Bible concordance. He was stunned by this (and I am glad I have one now) but I had managed to do OK without one.

My library is still small for a preacher, but it certainly has grown. Yet, I am reminded again and again as I look at books to add that the best book is the Bible. Magazines, catalogs and bookstores offer material on various Bible topics. These resources can help, but they can also tempt us to replace diligent study of the Bible with man’s interpretation.

We must not surrender the belief that the Bible is the source for our answers. The scholarship and opinions of others can be very helpful, but if those things are keeping us from searching the scriptures for ourselves they will transform from an aid to a stumbling block.

There will always be others willing to explain the Bible for us. Some even do it within the pages of our copies of the Bible. Devotional Bibles and study Bibles are filled with information supplied by man and therefore subject to mistakes. That does not mean there is no benefit to them, but we must remind ourselves to take caution and remember those additions are the conclusions reached by man.

We should not take the comments that line the pages of a study Bible over the inspired words of God which fill those pages. The only way to assure we do not is to be grounded in the scriptures. This is achieved through ongoing, diligent study.

I recommend that you do your daily Bible reading from a copy of the Bible that has as few man-supplied additions as possible. Even chapter and passage headings supplied in translations can be misleading! Removing such distractions will allow you to look at God’s word and see what it says. It will help you avoid the temptation to read somebody else’s comments and instantly make that your understanding. It will help you be a better student of the Bible, which in turn will boost your appreciation for the beauty of God’s word.

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