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The Importance of the Plan

April 27, 2010

John Allan

“Hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized.” If you regularly attend worship services of the Church of Christ you have probably heard those steps mentioned more times than you want to bother trying to count. You know it is commonly called God’s “Plan of Salvation” and you know those steps so intimately you might be able to utter them in your sleep.

Why is so much emphasis placed on the plan of salvation? Let us consider three reasons:

1. For the Non-Believer: By non-believer we mean one who has not obeyed the gospel. It is good that God’s plan of salvation be mentioned in every service so that one who has not obeyed can know the answer to the question “What must I do to be saved?”

2. For Children: We understand that until an individual has reached the maturity so as to be able to distinguish right from wrong and be held accountable for their actions that they are not lost. However, as children grow in knowledge and stature it is important that they be educated. For their sake we do well to emphasize the steps even if children have not reached that age yet. One day they will and we do well to prepare them.

3. For Believers: At services where all in attendance are believers we might think “Why bother talking about the plan of salvation?” Even in such a setting there is very good reason for its mention.

Rehearsing the plan of salvation (even when everybody in the audience knows it) provides reinforcement: it assures us that when we followed those steps we were obeying the gospel truth. It also prevents us from the risk of ever forgetting what the word of God has revealed to us with regards to the remission of sins. Do we need to remember that? Absolutely!

When the plan of salvation is mentioned and the Lord’s invitation extended it is not simply a cue for the audience to stop listening, pack up their belongings and get out their song books. It is a valuable instructional period worthy of attention.

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