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July 13, 2010

John Allan

Several weeks ago I changed my cell phone service provider. To date I have been very pleased with how well it has worked. In fact, in the past week I recommended the same service to three people.

You might be wondering, “Was it hard for you to tell others about your new service?” and I can honestly tell you it was not. In one situation the person asked for my advice and in the other two cases I found a way to slip it into a conversation I was having. Interestingly, they were not a bit offended when I did this.

Another fascinating thing about it is that it was so easy to talk about. I was not nervous at all! My familiarity with the product let me be completely at ease telling others about it. I could easily give them several reasons to consider the service even without having to think hard about it. I wasn’t even worried that I would have to use precisely the “right” words to make my point.

By now I believe you know me well enough to know I would not use a forum like this to merely talk about a cell phone. I’ll get on to my point, which is this:

When we see the value in something it becomes very easy for us to tell other people about it.

Why did I tell three people in one week about my service? I was pleased with something and wanted to tell them about it so they might enjoy the same benefits. I saw an opportunity to potentially make their life better and I took advantage of it.

As we consider being evangelistic let us not overlook the possibility that part of why we do not talk about our faith with others is because we do not see how doing so would be beneficial. Perhaps we say “he wouldn’t be interested” and let an opportunity to invite somebody to study the Bible or attend a worship service pass.

We routinely recommend things to people even though there is a possibility they will not be interested. Let us challenge ourselves to let them make that decision for themselves instead of making it for them by withholding the good news about Jesus.

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