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Lesson from the Flea Market

March 28, 2011

John Allan

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a local flea market. As I weaved my way up and down the different aisles of the layout I was surprised by a few things. Sometimes I was surprised by what I saw: namely older electronics for sale that made me wonder “Who would want to buy that?” At other times it was an asking price that seemed a little steep in my judgment.

One thing that really struck me was the presence of items that I remember from my childhood. They were common to me, but now there they sat with high price tags. I very specifically remember one item; it was a flour sifter that looked almost exactly like one my mother owns. The only difference I could see in the two was that my mother’s sifter is in much better condition. The one for sale at the market was one of those items priced higher than I imagined it would be worth, especially in that shape.

That flour sifter would never appeal to me at that price. Yet, for somebody who had never had the privilege it might be worth it to them. That led me to realize that the same thing might have been true for other items, too. Perhaps they were only expensive in my judgment because I already had free access to them; others who did not have that access might view that same price tag as a bargain.

I say all of that to say this: we acknowledge that the Bible as the greatest book ever written. We know deep down that no other book in the world is more important or more valuable. Yet, in spite of all the access we have to Bibles (I suspect most of our homes have at least two or three) the book is underappreciated and under-read. Meanwhile in places where the Bible is not as abundant folks treasure it and study with a diligence reflected in the worn pages and covers.

Could it actually be that our easy access to God’s word has caused us to take it for granted? Our Bibles do not belong on the shelf collecting dust or on the coffee table merely as decoration. To keep ourselves unspotted from this world (James 1:27) we need the Bible and we must appreciate its value.

-John Allan
Minister, Clinton Church of Christ

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