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You’ll Find it in the Bible

March 21, 2011

John Allan

Not long ago an advertising campaign for an area city focused on all the benefits the city had to offer.

The advertising included the slogan “You’ll find it in Flowood.” The idea behind the slogan was that the city had everything a person would want and need for a home or simply a place to spend time. While it is understood that the city does not have literally everything you could imagine it is a nice city and has plenty to do.

If that slogan and marketing campaign could get people to take a look at one of our neighboring cities, then maybe a similar slogan can get us to renew our appreciation for the greatest book ever written: the Bible.

Whatever story you are looking for, you’ll find it in the Bible. Don’t believe me? Let us consider.

-Are you looking for stories of military conquest? You’ll find it in the Bible.

-Do you want to read about a woman from humble background becoming queen of a nation? You’ll find it in the Bible.

-Do you like horror stories, complete with plagues? You’ll find it in the Bible.

-Maybe you prefer stories where a villain’s wicked plan is thwarted at the last moment and he is punished. You’ll find it in the Bible.

-Do you like stories of shipwrecks? You can find it in the Bible.

-Looking for stories with colorful, bold and heroic characters? You will definitely find it in the Bible.

-Perhaps you are more the poetic type. You’ll find plenty in the Bible for you, too.

The Bible has stories that can touch all kinds of people because the Bible was written for all kinds of people. God would not give us a book that He expected everybody to live by and then make it something nobody would want to read.

The most important story in the Bible is the story of Jesus Christ. He was in the beginning with God (John 1:1-2), He sacrificed His life for our sins (Matthew 26:28) and He overcame the grave (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

Are you looking for the story of redemption? How man can be forgiven of sins and be pleasing to God?

You’ll find it in…you guessed it! The Bible.

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