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The Luxury of Religious Freedom.

April 11, 2011

John Allan

It is good to be thankful, and one of the things for which I am thankful is the religious freedom we enjoy in this country.

Every Sunday we are able to assemble and worship the One True God and can do so without the slightest concern that we will be harmed or otherwise persecuted for doing so. This is not true in every nation. Did you know that there are nations on this planet where studying the Bible and obeying the Gospel can bring with it a death sentence?

A person might wonder: if I lived in such a place would I have the courage to be a Christian even if I would possibly lose my life for it?

Although we could not know with certainty unless we were in such a situation, if you have not obeyed the Gospel when there is no threat of persecution the likelihood of obeying when there is such a threat is not very good.

I am thankful that this nation has religious freedom, but since we have been blessed so richly in this way we should also be taking full advantage of it. In a nation with free access to the Bible and religious freedom we are without excuse if we choose to ignore God and His will. 

If you have never obeyed the Gospel please do not delay! The New Testament teaches the following things are necessary to receive the free gift God has offered:

-Hear the Gospel (Romans 10:17).
-Believe (Mark 16:16).
-Repent (Luke 13:3).
-Confess Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:16).
-Be baptized (immersed in water) for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38).
-Be faithful unto death (Revelation 2:10).

You have the luxury of learning and obeying the Gospel with no threat of harm. We would appreciate the opportunity to study with you (through personal studies or Bible Correspondence Course) so that you can learn and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To arrange your Bbile study please contact us, or visit with us at any of our services.

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