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Are You a Picky Eater?

June 27, 2011

John Allan

You have probably encountered a picky eater or two in your lifetime: while everybody else generously loads up their plate with dish after dish they are more particular. They examine food carefully and will only take certain things. Picky eaters are less likely to inhale a lot of junk and otherwise unhealthy food.

We know how to be picky about some things. If we are trying to eat a healthier diet we know how to read labels, ask questions about how food is prepared and choose with caution. If we are looking for a certain brand of appliance, clothing, etc. we accept no imitations.

Are you a picky eater when it comes to what you consume for entertainment? The world offers many options, and many of them are not wholesome or worthwhile. Profanity seeps into music, movies and television. Sexual imagery and and suggestive language seems to await around nearly every corner. If we are not picky we will end up consuming a vast amount of junk.

The Bible makes it clear that what we take in impacts what comes out. If we fill our mind with wickedness we should not be stunned when our acts are wicked. If our entertainment choices are not wholesome we should not be surprised when our language and actions cease from being wholesome, too.

Please challenge yourself to critically examine the things you subject yourself to in life. Be a “picky eater” when it comes to the things you choose to watch and listen to. Focus your mind and attention on wholesome things.

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy– meditate on these things. -Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)

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