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It Doesn’t Take Long…

January 4, 2012

John Allan

It doesn’t take long to learn a lot. If you are following our Bible reading schedule you are already 12 chapters into the book of Genesis and have covered a lot of ground.

Consider a sampling of what you have already read:

Sunday (Genesis 1-3): You read about Creation, Adam and Eve and the ugliness of sin. When Eve and Adam sinned they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Sin separates man from God. In Genesis 3:15 you read the first Bible prophecy about Jesus Christ: Jesus is the seed of woman that crushed the head of Satan.

Monday (Genesis 4-6): You read about Cain killing Abel and could observe God’s care for life. God said Abel’s blood “cries out to Me from the ground.” Cain was punished for his sin. You also read the genealogy of Adam down through Noah and were introduced to Noah. In a time of worldwide wickedness Noah was a just man. God instructed Noah to build an ark so he could be saved from the coming flood that would destroy the wicked.

Tuesday (Genesis 7-9): You read about the flood and how Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives (eight people in all) went on the ark along with the animals. You also read about their coming off the ark and receiving the promise from God that He would never again destroy all flesh by flood waters. The rainbow was placed in the sky as a visible reminder of God’s promise.

Wednesday (Genesis 9-12): You read about Babel and the Tower of Babel. God had commanded Noah and his sons to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. At Babel people attempted to bunch together and “make a name” for themselves instead of bringing glory to God. By confusing their language God thwarted their rebellion (see Genesis 11:9) and kept man from committing even greater sin. Additionally, you were introduced to Abram (later known as Abraham), a key Bible character. In Genesis 12:3 a tremendously important promise was made to Abram and one that will develop through the Bible.

That’s just four days and we have not even touched on everything from those 12 chapters that could be mentioned. What will you learn tomorrow? Keep reading and find out!

If you haven’t started reading yet it is not too late to start! In the course of 12 months the 12 chapters you are behind can easily be made up. You can still do it!

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