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Betrayal of Trust

February 27, 2012

John Allan

One Jackson media outlet reported: “Three former Jackson Police Department officers are accused of accepting bribes to protect what they thought were drug transactions at a local airport, federal officials said.” (Source:

Not surprisingly, residents of the Jackson metro were disturbed, stunned, and even aggravated to learn of the sting, which occurred in 2010.

We recognize it is normal and reasonable for people to be outraged when they feel that their trust has been betrayed. For sake of this lesson we turn our thoughts away from police protection and on to spiritual matters. How would you feel if those who you trusted to be teaching the truth from God’s word were letting you down? What if church leaders were corrupt? How would you feel about that?

We tend to be very trusting of people who claim to be teachers of God’s word and knowledgable on the subject. Sometimes we think they could not possibly be corrupted. Let us consider the matter more carefully.

Examples from the Past

In the Bible we find examples of people who should have been trustworthy not keeping that trust. Two such instances are in Malachi 2:7-9 and Matthew 23:13.

Problems in the Present:

There are some who do what they do in religious life from selfish motives, not spiritual ones. This leaves such a person ripe for corruption.

Some who listen to preachers do not have an interest in hearing the truth (2 Timothy 4:3).

What About the Future?

If truth is not expected from listeners then it probably will not be delivered by preachers.

Demand the truth!


We need to accept our responsibility in making sure that we are not led away from the truth.

Be diligent in your own study of the Bible, and insist that those who teach are also diligent and faithful to the word of God.

If we are unwilling to do these things, we should not be surprised if we are led astray.



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