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The Christian and Civil Law

February 19, 2012

John Allan

Sunday’s “Give Me the Bible” addressed the topic of the Christian and civil law. Recently there have been concerns that legislation would force Christians to violate their conscience to obey the laws of the land. What is the Christian to do if such a situation presents itself?

Two passages of Scripture were at the forefront of our discussion:

1) Romans 13:1-7.

2) Acts 5:22-32 (particularly Acts 5:29).

Romans 13 demonstrates that generally speaking, Christians are to obey the laws of the land. This might be troubling to some, since it means that even those laws that most people ignore such as speed limits and Stop signs are to be obeyed!

Acts 5:22-32 gives a principle that must be kept in mind, however. If the governing authorities pass laws that violate God’s laws then Christians are to obey God! The government has not been authorized by God to pass laws that are opposed to Him. Likewise Christians are not authorized to disobey God in order to obey civil law.

Perhaps this summary statement will help: Christians are obligated to obey the laws of the land unless those laws violate God’s laws. If a conflict exists, God (not government) is to be obeyed.

P.S.: We are grateful to live in a state and nation where Christians still have freedom of religion. We hope that this will continue to be the case. Nonetheless, if government ever forces Christians to choose between government or God the Biblical expectation is to obey God rather than men.

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