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What’s Happening at Clinton Church of Christ?

March 15, 2014

John Allan

In the year 2014 our Sunday sermons at Clinton are being geared toward two specific areas. Our services are open to the public and we welcome you to come study the Bible with us as we consider these important topics:

Sunday morning sermons are emphasizing the Lord’s Church. Jesus Christ built only one Church, and that body should behave in keeping with the instructions the Lord gave for it in the New Testament. Study with us as we emphasize the importance of the Church of Christ and how the importance of the Lord’s Church should impact our behavior here on earth.

During our evening sermons particular emphasis is being given to an overview of the Bible. Sometimes this means an overview of an entire book will be given. At other times, the lesson will be more broad. The objective is to give the eager Bible student a basic understanding of the Bible so he can gain more from his future personal study.

From time to time sermons will be preached that do not explicitly connect to either of those themes. Nonetheless, those are the general themes that have been selected for this year. Please consider visiting with us and studying from God’s word. Our meeting times are as follows:





In the coming weeks we will be attempting to update this website with greater frequency than we have in recent months. Please consider bookmarking our site so that you can check in from time to time and see what new articles and information are available to aid you in your Bible study. To kick off our renewed focus on our website we will be starting a new series on “Reasons Not to Worry.” Lord willing this series will begin Wednesday, March 18th and continue through the following Friday.

The series will cover eight reasons not to worry, and should be useful to anybody who struggles with worrying and would like to improve.

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